Anschauliches Recherche-Beispiel.

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Anschauliches Recherche-Beispiel.

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You asked how I came up with the batch numbers for WENDLAND, and what was available on the
STARK surname. In hopes it will be useful to other list members, I will write it up more completely.

First, you just do a simple IGI search on the site. Enter your surname (only)
in the top right line, and for region, you must enter Germany. Hit search.

On the name STARK you get a large number of hits. You can't tell exactly how many from the first
list, only that it's more than 200. But if you scroll to the bottom of that page, you find you are
still in the "A's".

I would guess, from my WENDLAND search, that means there are a total of possibly 2000.
You can of course start easy and narrow the number down by entering a given name also,
and doing the same search. But that was not what I was trying to do with my WENDLAND name.

Back to the details. Begin scanning each of the 200 STARKs listed on the first "page,"
for locations in Posen (or any other name of your choice.). At #3, you find an "A. Rosina"
when you click on this name, you get her record. Scroll to the bottom of that page,
and look on the left. There is no batch number here. Forget it, and go back to the list.
[I'd say that happens about 30% of the time.]

You will also find the same name and location at #7. [I would admit, I would tend to skip this,
since I just checked on it, and there was nothing there.] Good lesson learned. When you
check on this item you get a different family record, and this one as the bottom left has batch
# M927523. Write that down in a good place.

Go on down the list. Not many Posen names here. But at #128/129 you find Addine in Gross Golle.
Again the first entry does not yield a batch #, but the second does, 8433220. [This is very rare.]
Again, write it down.

Finally, at #165, there is an Adolf Carl, Krosno, batch 8218226. Again, write it down.

Those are all I found on the first segment of the list. Click next at the bottom left, and go on
to the next section. Repeat ... repeat ... repeat ad nauseam.

A second part of the search could continue as follows.

Go back to the IGI search form. Again enter STARK as the surname, and Germany as t he region.
This time put in the first batch number you have found above, hit enter / search. You will find listed
all of the occurrences of STARK on that batch. I find 23 in Krotoschin Stadt. If you look at the
family records of each of those, you will probably find (?) some siblings and other relatives of
A. Rosina. Doing the same with the following two batch numbers, I find 5 "hits" in Gross Golle and
104 in Krosnos. WOW!! That is very unusual, and certainly marks a "hotbed" (no pun intended)
of STARK activity.

You get the idea. Obviously this is not a thing to do when you're in a hurry and have little time.
But it's a great hobby for an "Ivan-type" day. I would estimate for each group of about 200
names, it would take about 10 minutes to work through when you get in the groove. Write it all
down in a good place where you won't lose it, and can find it. (I use a spiral-bound notebook).
It's silly so put so much work into something and then not to keep it where you can use it.

A third possibility. Since Krosnos had so many STARK families, I would try to find out where
this is. Go to Shetl-seeker, and enter Krosnos on the top line. When you get the results,
scroll down to the Poland part of the list near the right side. Then look at all of the possibilities
they give you, starting with those that match your exact spelling. Woops --- theere are seven
"Krosnoses" in Poland. You'll have to develop some other way of determining which one this
might be (like nearness to a larger city where you know you have relatives.)

I hope this is helpful to you. If not, drop me a note off line.

Dr. Rod Braun, Gainesville, VA, USA
Mailto: rbchron(at)


Sie fragten, wie ich an die Batch-Nummern für WENDLAND herangekommen bin und was
über STARK vorrätig sei. Damit es auch für andere interessant ist, berichte ich ausführlich.

Zuerst machen Sie eine einfache IGI–Suche mit FamilySearch.
Familiennamen (nur den) in der Zeile oben rechts eingeben und als Region Germany eingeben.
Suche drücken. Für STARK gibt es ca. 200 Treffer nur auf der ersten Seite. Zu meiner WENDLAND-
Suche vermute ich über 2.000.

Man beginne die ersten 200 Namen für 'Posen' oder andere Orte zu scannen. Unter Nr. 3
findet sich A. Rosina. Clickt man darauf, bekommt man Angaben. Rollt man die Seite nach unten
und schaut nach links, findet man keine Batch-Nummer. Vergiß es und gehe zurück zur Liste.
Bei ca. 30 Prozent der Liste passiert das. Unter Nr. 7 findet man sie wieder. Diesmal mit
Batch-Nr. M927523. Gleich aufschreiben.

Folge weiter auf der Liste, es gibt nicht viele Posen–Orte. Und auf 128/129 findet sich Addine
in Groß Golle. Auch diesem Eintrag fehlt die Batch-Nummer, aber der nächste hat eine: 8433220.
Das ist selten. Gleich aufschreiben.

Schließlich, unter Nr. 165, findet sich Adolf Carl, Krosno, Batch-Nr. 8218226. Aufschreiben.
Dies sind alle, die ich auf der ersten Seite fand. Am Seitenende auf Taste links drücken, und die
nächste beginnt. Suchen, suchen und finden.

Andere Methode: Wieder IGI–Suche. STARK als Familienname, Germany als Region.
Gib diesmal die erste Batch-Nummer an, die man findet, und drücke auf 'Suchen'.
Er findet die Verwandtschaft STARK, 23 in Krotoschin Stadt, darunter wahrscheinlich
Abkömmlinge der A. Rosina. Ich fand fünf Treffer in Groß Golle und 104 in Krosnos.
Das ist sehr ungewöhnlich und öffnet eine heiße Spur zu STARK.

Sie hatten diese Idee. Es ist nichts für einen, der es eilig und wenig Zeit hat. Allein für die erste
Gruppe von 200 Namen benötigt man 10 Minuten, wenn man eingearbeitet ist.

Dritte Methode: Man sucht nach der Stadt mit Shetl–Seeker. Da Krosnos so viele STARKs hat,
beginne dort mit exakter Schreibweise. Es gibt aber sieben Krosnoses. Finde den richtigen Ort

Ich hoffe, Ihnen geholfen zu haben. Falls Unklarheiten bestehen, schreiben Sie mir.

Dr. Rod Braun, Gainesville, VA, USA
Mailto: rbchron(at)


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