Kostenloser Download.

Kostenloser Download.

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Here is the web site for downloading PAF if you choose to go with it.
My feelings are: if it is free, it is for me.

http://www.ldscatalog.com/webapp/wcs/st ... &cg4=&cg5=

You will want to download the first item listed. When you get to the
next screen, click on the Download button. You will be asked for to
read the rules, then the next screen will ask you for your name and
e-mail address. I've never received anything from them, I think it is
just part of the software registration that all companies ask for,
Then begin downloading the program. It is a VERY large file and isn't
so bad if you have cable or DSL, but dial-up, you may want to order
the disk.

Cheers, Mark May


Software Downloads

Products are sorted alphabetically by product name. To sort by item number,
click the Item # link. Clicking either link a second time will reverse the sort order.

Item # Product

77065000-S Personal Ancestral File—Multiple Language (9.7 MB) Free
77062000-S Personal Ancestral File—Multi-Language (5.75 MB) Free
50128000-S Personal Ancestral File Companion 5.4 Upgrade and Evaluation Version (10.2 MB) Free
77062998-S Personal Ancestral File 4.0 User's Guide (English) (1.10 MB) Free
77062995-S Personal Ancestral File 4.0 Bedienungsanleitung (Deutsch) (1.36 MB) Free
77062992-S Personal Ancestral File 4.0 Guía del Usario (Español) (1.01 MB) Free
77062996-S Guide de l'utilisateur de Personal Ancestral File 4.0 (Français) (1.26 MB) Free
77062993-S Personal Ancestral File 4.0 - Guia do Usuário (Português) (1.24 MB) Free

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